It appears that a majority in Congress has been trying desperately to repeal President Obama's Affordable Care Act. Granted that it is an imperfect law, but also granted that legislators of good will and a true desire to enable health care for all of the people could join to improve it. Instead, Republicans in the House of Representatives have determined to eliminate it. The substitute legislation they have passed is a travesty that amounts to an awful joke on the Americans who need health care most.

The solution to our health care problem is not difficult. It has been staring us in the face for a long time. Medicare has a proven track record of enabling quality health care for those age 65 and older and the disabled. It controls fees and operates at a very low level of administrative cost. It provides satisfaction to both providers and recipients. I am aware of this because I have been both.

We need single payer Medicare for all citizens. Virtually all other First World countries have systems that provide health care for all. In addition, they have much better outcome than we do with our bloated system. It is high time to vote out the representatives who insist upon putting party loyalty ahead of our country's needs.

Let's have Medicare for all.

Dr. Byron Rovine