I can't help wondering why we aren't seeing three people in the presidential and vice presidential debates.

I am disabled and so have to do my research and vote from home, but I know there are more than just two 'parties. I have never voted Libertarian before, but I have to say I find the information on presidential candidate, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate, former Republican Massachusetts Gov. William Weld's website very interesting. According to the information on www.politics1.com that tells who is on the ballot for 2016, these two gentlemen, both successful governors of their states, are on every ballot in all 50 states.

So, why are they not in the presidential and vice presidential debates on TV? I remember when Ross Perot and his running mate were candidates; they participated in the debates.

What exactly is the problem with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, besides the obvious one with their egos?

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Adriene J. Egger


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