I once read a critique by an economist of the uncertainty principle of setting interest rates that characterized it as a grin without a cat. That is Davenport's Levee Improvement Commission. It is an organization now that is in search of a mission. It was created more than 100 years ago to manage businesses on the levee, the ownership of which Davenport had wisely retained. These businesses have now been replaced by parks. The levee commission is not designed to develop and manage parks as has been demonstrated over the last couple of decades.

Davenport and the Quad-Cities are in competition with cities around the country for people and businesses. It cannot throw away its competitive advantage of having a riverfront by not having the proper entity to manage and develop it. Other cities, such as Louisville, have created a public-private partnership to head the development of riverfronts. Davenport must create a new entity to plan, coordinate and lead the revitalization of the entire riverfront.

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Marlin “Hap” Volz Jr.