We all know that President Trump and the Republicans want to do away with the Affordable Care Act. But did you realize that we pay Congress and our local government and their staffs with our hard-earned money?

We were taught in school that the government has no money of their own. It comes from our taxes. So they really work for us, or they should.

I did some research and found that the United States pays the top three people in the White House a total of $854,200 per year, which is a total of $2,339 per day. And we pay our state and local government officials $938,305 per year.

In my book, that is a lot of money that we the taxpayers are paying to the people that want to cut taxes for the top one percent. This is in addition to taking away our health care for children, the elderly, and all those that need health care the most.

Lawmakers need to realize that if they only made the median annual Iowa salary, they would only make $53, 183 per year before taxes.

We have elected people to serve us, not to take advantage of us. So please contact them and encourage them to vote no on the health care bill.

Diane Patterson