I was very disappointed in a recent story regarding raising the minimum wage in Iowa. Several people were interviewed and it certainly left the reader with sympathy toward their plight. However, almost all of the other sides to the story were ignored. How is one to make up their mind about an issue unless they hear from all sides?

It left me with the impression that the newspaper believes this will solve the problem of poverty; such a simplistic solution, just raise the pay, as if there were no repercussions.

What about small business owners who must cut back on employees to make ends meet? Goodbye to many part-time jobs held by high schoolers. What about price increases to make up for the increased wages? And, of course, the employees with the increased pay must pay those prices, too.

Some businesses have closed their doors because of increases. There are many effects of simply giving more money to employees. To make informed decisions, we need all the facts.

Thank you for later printing Michael Saltsman's opinion column to give a more balanced approach. He gave specific examples in Iowa of businesses that had to cut back staff hours, lay-off employees, or close their doors entirely.

One of the biggest impacts I see is at childcare centers, where not only do fees go up, but the same minimum wage employee may have to now pay a large increase for childcare. Goodbye raise.

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The bottom line is this: Minimum wage jobs were never meant to support a family.

Diane Borcherding


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