The ineptitude of the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department never fails to amaze me. Seriously, spend money to "build" a sledding hill in a ravine that once housed Central High School's tennis courts, shut down and removed because of the crime in that area, and expect the West-enders to come? That won't happen unless parents are ready to have their kids assaulted and cars vandalized while parked on the streets.

There are two phenomenal hills for winter sports already in place in city parks that were the mainstay of winter fun for decades until the city fathers got weak knees and played the "what if little Johnny gets a boo-boo, and we get sued" game - Fejervary Hill and Duck Creek Golf Course.

Both have more than plenty of room for a hundred or more people at one time, plenty of distance for a decent sled/toboggan/ski run, and parking lots. The clubhouse at Duck Creek was open to provide concessions, and there was a tow rope to bring participants back up the hill for another run. Now, sledders at Duck Creek are relegated to a little ditch that's good for about two seconds of "whee," and West-enders have nothing.

Pull your heads out of your backsides and quit trying to "improve" on what Mother Nature already gave us, wasting our money, and just reopen those two fantastic areas.

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Eric Swanson


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