From 1975 to the present, no American has been killed by any refugee from the six countries in the new Muslim ban. Yet President Donald Trump still finds it necessary to roll out a revised version of his executive order.

According to the intelligence arm of the Department of Homeland Security, "insufficient evidence that citizens of seven (now six) Muslim-majority countries included in President Donald Trump's travel ban pose a terror threat to the United States".

I, like any American, want be safe and secure, but this ban appears to be all about nothing and what purpose does it serve? Does it really make us safer? Does it really "Make America Great Again?"

As has been evidenced in recent years, terror attacks within the United States have been carried out by self-radicalized terrorists inspired by foreign groups. This seems to be the real threat to our safety.

Perhaps, more time, effort and money should be invested in educating people. Building bridges and relationships between law enforcement and communities would go a long way in helping Americans to be more vigilant in identifying self-radicalized terrorists.

Finally, what message does it send to the millions of Muslims around the world who oppose those who radicalize the Koran? They are unfairly and erroneously grouped in with those terrorist groups. All that the ban does is inspire terrorist groups to foment a "holy war" and there is very little worse than that.

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Jim Eccher

Orion, Illinois

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