Every four years, during the national election cycle, the two major parties square off with a signature issue, abortion. The Elephantines trumpet pro-life, the Demo(n)crat donkey brays pro-choice. The opposite of pro-life is pro-death. To keep the myth of lifeless fetuses afloat, the word choice is substituted; as death indicates something which once was alive has been destroyed.

One good lie always demands another, so behind the double-speak of pro-choice, is the standard feminist mantra of “it’s my body.” So it is, but the fetus body is its own possession, it is not the property of mothers or medical professionals.

Statistics reveal the overwhelming majority of aborted fetuses are illegitimately conceived, primarily in secular college dorms and public high school one-night stands. The only right mothers have is to protect their own bodies from pregnancy, which is no big deal in this modern era of multiple birth control devices.

Ninety percent of fetuses are illegitimately conceived because the guilty pair is indifferent to prevent conception in the first place. Adding sin unto sin, the fornication/adultery subculture of baby boomers and millennials has added illegal trafficking of fetal body parts to their sordid lifestyles.

Infanticide has deceitfully been incorporated into the abortion narrative to soft-peddle the term of murder. By divine decree, shedding innocent blood is an abomination God hates. The hands of the complicit medical profession are as bloody as the procreators of the fetal victims.

Wendell E. Carr

Ottumwa, Iowa