I got on an airplane last year with other passengers. As I watched the pilot go into the cockpit and lock the door, I realized I didn’t know anything about him. Was he the best pilot the airline had, or was he the worst pilot in the nation?

That began to concern me. If I had met the pilot, I might not have been happy with him being in charge. What if I really didn’t like this pilot? What if he had character flaws? What if he almost got kicked out of pilots’ training? I did not choose him. He wasn’t my choice. Somebody else chose him for this flight, not me. But he was the pilot.

Still, we were going to fly together. So one thing was certain, I did not want him to fail. If he fails – we all fail. I read the emergency card, and I was alert for any trouble, but I hoped for the best. Maybe he wasn’t the worst pilot; or maybe he was. But that didn’t matter. I wanted him to succeed; I didn’t want him to fail.

I think a lot of us need to remember that about our presidents. It is sad that some people want a president to fail. Although I didn’t want Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be president, I definitely did not want them to fail. Whoever is president; we should hope for the best.

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There are no winners in a plane crash, and no winners in a divided nation.

Steve Garrington