The Quad-City Times editorial on Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s Medicare privatization based on ideological purity was instructive. The election of right-wing ideologists at the state and federal level has given this group a majority influence in our political system. These right-wing ideologists are purists. Their ideology is their political agenda.

 As I see it, there are several flaws implicit within ideology purity. They are:

• The ideology is the starting and ending point of a political agenda. All rationales used to achieve the implementation of ideology are configured to support that singular ideology.

• The ideology purists see their beliefs and values as being superior to all other beliefs and values. This allows no position for compromise.

• Ideologists are incapable of objective evaluation. They assume there are no flaws within their system of problem-solving because the ideology they subscribe to in their mind stands on its own merits.

• To achieve their goals, the ideology purists will say and do what is necessary. Manipulation of the truth becomes a routine maneuver. Lies and “bullsh**," as defined by Harry F. Frankfurt in his book, “On Bullsh**, " are political tactics, not ethic violations.

• Unable to defend various components of their political agenda, the ideologists engage in personal attacks and slander. Anyone who opposes them becomes victim to visceral attacks. Uncivil discord becomes the norm.

In conclusion, we cannot find common ground to solve problems.

Ida Weibel

Long Grove