The importance of local school board elections can easily be passed over by the public. However, the outcomes of these elections affect everyone significantly.

As a retiree of Moline Public Schools, I recognize in Sangeetha A. Rayapati, the qualities essential to be an outstanding school board member. She is a highly respected professor at Augustana College. She and her husband chose Moline schools for their children because they recognize the strengths in this district.

She is committed to excellence in her professional life and dedicated to see that excellence in the schools of her children. She does not bring an axe to grind over any issue, she sees the big picture. She brings an open, honest, attitude of service to a deserving community.

One of her most valuable strengths is her interest in people. She listens. Her insight from her experience as an educator, as an involved citizen, and as a parent combine to give a thoughtful, reasonable, well-educated, approach to serving on the Moline School Board.

She will consider the needs of the children first and foremost. She will be concerned about finance and focused on empowering the teachers of Moline schools. All teachers must have the tools to teach. I believe her expertise gives her the essentials to be a truly effective school board member and as a college educator, Sangeetha practices that skill and art daily.

It is our children and our community who will benefit together from a fine school board. Vote for Sangeetha A. Rayapati.

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Ron May