After receiving 2.8 million less votes than Hillary Clinton, President-elect Donald Trump is about to be inaugurated. Since he was allowed to run and win without showing any tax documents, it's important to come to grips with his financial situation, since U.S. presidents have historically been expected to put the country first when making decisions.

Recently, it's been discovered that Trump owes almost a billion dollars to various banks and financial institutions. When the time comes to make decisions that could either benefit regular citizens or his creditors, which one do you think the businessman will choose?

Since he wasn't required to put his investments in blind trusts, and didn't voluntarily, as all other presidents have, why would any smart person think he'll put our interests above the money he can make with the benefit of being the president, in his businesses all over the world?

The guy has never done anything without the intention of directly benefiting himself, and if you think he's going to start now, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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Carolyn Bertolino


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