Sunday morning, a Rock Island High School class of 1962 classmate, emailed a picture from the Wilmington, North Carolina StarNews of five Rocky football players kneeling during the National Anthem before the Alleman High School football game. Minutes later, another classmate from Minneapolis, Minnesota emailed the Quad-City Times story. In an hour's time, the mature protest by these Rocky students against racial injustice had spread from coast-to-coast among more than two dozen 70-year-old Rocky alums.

Fifty years ago, we weren't as thoughtful, racially sensitive, or informed as these students. It was gratifying to see the tangible social progress made in my lifetime. We can only hope that in these teenagers lifetime, they live to see their white teammates kneeling with them.

Steve Urie

Truckee, California

Editor’s note: Urie is alumni of Rock Island High School, 1962