Webster dictionary defines prejudice as irrational attitude of hostility directed against a group. A recent letter to the editor paints all President Trump voters with a damning brush as though they all acted with intent to bring ruin on this nation and some kind of hell to those who chose otherwise. This appears to be a common diatribe since the election.

That attitude fits the Webster definition and the condemnation of all Trump voters is a form of prejudice that is not only unfounded, but at least as despicable as condemnation of all Jews. Perhaps those writers would be better directed to condemn all those who expressed their displeasure with Trump by rioting, looting and destruction of property.

The idea of placing blame on half of the voting population for a perceived lack of political prowess lacks a sense of reality. Do we scorn the winning team at football because they won or celebrate their ability to play a better game? As bad as the Chicago Cubs may be, they were better than the other guys. As bad as Trump may be, he was perceived to be the better choice. Is it not the fault of the losers whose best candidate could not beat Trump or are the winners to blame that he won?

It’s way past time when we need to bond as Americans and forget petty prejudices. None of us want this nation to fail. Not the Trump voters. Not the losing party supporters. We can all win if we dump the childish party loyalty and turn it into national pride in our innate ability to excel.

Bill Wohlford