Small businesses claim that raising the minimum wage will hurt business. My question is: Why should low-wage employees help your business survive, while they remain in poverty and need government assistance, such as food stamps, housing assistance, healthcare, and education to survive? Why should we, the taxpayer, help subsidize the low-wage employees, while business refuses to pay workers a livable wage? This is corporate welfare, being paid by U.S. taxpayers.

Why is America obsessed with helping the wealthy at the expense of the worker? Wages are stagnant, benefits are gone, full-time employment is scarce, labor unions are almost gone. Yet, people and the media keep saying that raising the minimum wage will hurt the economy and small business.

Business owners wonder why business sales are down and people are not patronizing their business. The middle-class was the backbone of consumer spending, and now, with minimum-wage jobs, stores are half-empty and store owners just shake their heads and go out of business.

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary, once said “How can anyone with a straight face propose a capital gains tax cut when owners of capital are running off with these gains from workers?”

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Dave Fuller