It is getting increasingly difficult to sort truth from fiction. Sources of news have become so biased that one wonders where to find out what is real news.

It has been the role of the free press to present the objective news. This is a critical role for a democratic society. Rush Limbaugh, MSNBC, Fox News and many others have demonstrated that you can increase ratings by twisting the news to suit your view of reality.

The profit motive for media, in all its forms, is driving decisions about how to present the news. The more polarizing the tone, the more alarming the presentation, the more attention is received. Attention drives sales and sales drive editorial decision-making.

The Quad-City Times is following suit. Your editorials used to have a diplomatic tone, presenting a balanced view that was based on the best interests of the Quad-Cities. The Opinion page seems to have lost sight of that vision.

I realize it is getting harder to sell newspapers and that young people are not subscribing. However, as you increase your divisive tone, you turn off more people, including young adults who are becoming increasingly cynical about any source of news, thus making them even more vulnerable to “fake news”.

My strategy has been to read the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and your newspaper, and listen to public radio. Every source now needs to be filtered for bias.

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Dan Ebener