The Quad-City Times July, 27 editorial, 'Joni Ernst finds her voice,' relates U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst's partial support for 4,000 people claiming a transgendered identity who serve in our military, while mocking the leader of 1.2 million active duty men and women by referring to the commander in chief as the "tweeter-in-chief."

The gauche manner in which the editorial board exercises its First Amendment rights to speech fails to mention that the troops who risk their lives for us have a very restricted use of that aforementioned powerful right to challenge your rendering of the facts.

Your fuzzy mathematics reveals anything but equality. The population of 4,000, equaling one-third of a percent of troops whom you say cost taxpayers $8 million annually averages $2,000 per service member. The other 99.7 percent of warriors who need help with erectile dysfunction, often due to combat injuries, claim a gargantuan $80 million of John and Jane Q's wealth, amounting to $66 each.

As I assiduously attempt to awaken from training instilled when serving in the military under the Great Seal of the United States and continuing to scrutinize its structure today, I cannot seem to find a time when being deployment-ready was not the chief concern of any man or woman bearing arms for the land of liberty.

Is long-term hormone treatment, cognitive counseling, and anatomical re-engineering likely to make one battle-ready at a moment’s notice? Humanity isn't equal on Earth, as God gave us oodles of gifts that many apply and see differently.

David William Fryxell