Many politicians have been disliked throughout the years; yet, I don’t know of any politician more hated than President Donald Trump. Why is Trump hated by the global elite, mainstream media and liberals? It’s because the globalists want a one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion. Unfortunately for them, but great for America, along came Donald Trump.

They hate Trump because he opposes the new world order. Those in pursuit of the new world order intend to unite the world under a single system of operation. They seek to impose their will on all mankind. It’s about power and control at its root, and their efforts are inspired from hell. They’ll use climate change, fake news, radical demonstrations, immorality, and other schemes to manipulate the people.

Trump is for America. Don’t be misled by the deceitful mainstream media that has been continuous in their attacks on Trump. They consistently want to turn the public against him.

They believe in open borders while Trump seeks to protect us. They want unbalanced trade deals to integrate nations into a single world economy, but Trump wants fair trade deals to benefit Americans. They won’t criticize Islam because Islam will be a key component of their one-world religion when they promulgate it. Trump calls Islamic terrorists out, and wants to protect America from those who seek us harm.

That’s why all the relentless opposition, and generation of chaos against Trump, who stands in the way of their forward progress.

Michael Imhof

Aurora, Illinois