We certainly have elected a sometimes rude and crude dude as president. He invites well-deserved criticism. But for the Quad-City Times to publish syndicated columnist Froma Harrop's column, "What has Trump done?" is a bit much after just 45 days in office. With bold emphasis, no less in a side-bar regarding no progress on health care.

As you know, coincidentally, the first draft of repeal and replace was released on the Quad-City Times publish date. After the immigration blunder by the White House and the time wasted by Democrats on most cabinet positions that were never in doubt, it's now time for the great debate on health care. I'm betting on the great negotiator.

At least Congress doesn't have to vote on it first to then see what is in it, right? While that is going on, much time is being spent undoing hundreds and hundreds of regulations necessary to free up our economy.

Steve Barkan

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Rock Island