Given the rather scathing content of Sunday's editorial, I note that you collectively espouse more than a minutia and biased sarcasm towards the honorable U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and President Trump.

I yield some semblance of editorial respect, but your conveniently collective criticism is only indicative of your aggregate deficiency in both testicular and fallopian fortitude (as applicable to your respective genders) and the simple courage to stand in singularity.

You employed such vague terms such as, "It's (sic) smells of an attempted cover up," and "possibly a crime," and such prejudiced verbiage as, "Nixonian purge," "paranoid flailing," and "rampant narcissism." Such editorial tactics do little to add credence to your subjective group opinions, given the lack of supportable objective facts. But who really cares about facts? Sorry, I just had a deja vu moment regarding fake news.

I entertain that the critical congressional problem at hand is that President Trump simply did not emerge from the cult of either corrupt politicians. President Trump has without doubt, been a less than honest business man, as most are, but he wasn't molded via a political career of corruption, scandals, and payoffs.

He's not "one of us," and that really irks the politicians, most of whom could not maintain a regular job within society.

We are all aware that in politics, it's who you know, who you owe, and the latter runs the show.

Claud Reindl

Prophetstown, Illinois