It's interesting with all the problems pointing to Russian involvement in our election and the possible collusion with the Trump family and Russian President Vladimir Putin, that an obvious question hasn't been asked. Why would Putin/Russia be so intent on trying to influence our election and get Trump elected?

It seems obvious Putin did not want to deal with Hillary Clinton as our next president. And why? It is because Putin knew Mrs. Clinton would not be a pushover and would probably increase the sanctions on Russia for their meddling and past behavior.

Although we don't know if President Trump colluded with Russia, it is apparent he has no stomach for punishing them for its attempt to interfere in our national election. Although never a big fan of Mrs. Clinton, I wish she would have won the Electoral College vote because what we have in the White House is an ill-prepared, unqualified, and unprofessional person, who has not an inkling of what the presidency of the greatest country in the world is all about.

His only agenda is to repeal all the actions President Obama accomplished while in office. What he's finding out is that the party of "No" after seven years has not a clue of how to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act or actually how to get anything done.

Mr. Trump should have stayed a CEO where he could shade the truth, collude with whomever, bully, and tweet to his heart’s content and not worry about criticism or retribution.

William Welzenbach