Donald Trump defeated the most corrupt candidate to ever run for the presidency and without much of the help from the Republican Party. Make no mistake, if given a chance, many Republicans will join the Democrats to get him out of office. President Trump will make mistakes that many will be quick to pounce on, but we must remember he was a business man that's done great things all around the world and he saw the corruption in Washington and the need for someone committed to make things better for all Americans

Trump had to overcome everything the White House, State Department, intelligence community and the Justice Department working non-stop to dig up dirt or fabricate lies that our media was so willing to spread because they've become nothing more then just an arm of the Democratic Party. There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but if the Democrats keep hammering for continued investigations we need a few more things looked into. The 20 percent of U.S. uranium going to the Russians and Bill and Hillary Clinton's connection. Then we need a full FBI investigation into John Podesta ,who might have been linked to Kremlin Energy Company. Then we might look at the 30 Democratic senators that visited with the Russian Ambassador to see if there's anything there too.

Don Erbst Sr.