Something is strangely wrong with the way business is being done in this nation. In a pragmatic sense, consider how many consistently tell us not to judge Islam with all the Islamic terrorism going on around the world. Yet, at the same breath, gun owners are judged by the actions of some criminals that use them.

Criminals will always have guns regardless of what gun legislation is passed. Guns, in essence, don’t kill anyone. They’re inanimate, like a knife or a car. People kill people. Change the spirit, change the man. Don’t change the spirit, don’t change the man. In reality, America’s main problem is a spiritual one.

The government stresses how Social Security is about to run out of money. In essence, Social Security is not an entitlement. People paid into Social Security along with businesses. It’s really not the government’s money. People worked for their money. Yet, welfare and food stamps continue.

In a world where military strength should be considered important, we have significantly cut our military force levels and benefits for veterans. Consider that non-vetted Muslim immigrants continue to be brought to America and subsidized with American tax dollars.

America is weak, bankrupt and needs a genuine repentance unto Jesus Christ. May America repent before God, and may God have mercy on this nation, and help President Trump move this nation forward.

Michael Imhof

Aurora, Illinois