I am a proud, seventh-generation Iowan. My family has been voting in Iowa elections for more than 150 years. It alarms me that Republican legislators have suddenly decided that they don't trust the citizens of Iowa.

Many of my friends and neighbors have been talking about the current legislation in Iowa that, if passed, would change our voting procedures and make it harder for people to vote.

Iowa Sen. Roby Smith, R-Davenport, is a supporter of this bill. He had the power to oppose it in committee, but chose not to. I would like to know what sort of voter fraud he has seen in Scott County that makes him think this bill is a worthy endeavor.

Iowans have a lot of questions about the motives behind this bill, but Republicans do not want to answer them. Does the signature verification part of the bill mean that voters can be turned away if their signature doesn't exactly match the signature on their ID? With the photo identification requirement, will voters be denied their right to vote because they changed their hairstyles or lost weight? How much more time will we have wait in line to vote?

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Sen. Roby Smith and the other Republicans who support this bill seem to be wasting time, energy, and money to fix a problem that doesn't seem to exist.

Emilene Leone