It was a watershed moment for the Quad-Cities when nearly 300 people took part in The Child Next Door: Q-C Human Trafficking Conference last month. The personal story of child sex trafficking survivor Tina Frundt changed the way listeners think of prostitution.

Frundt now dedicates her life to rescuing women and children from a life of bondage and to fostering a better understanding of the manipulation that lures and locks victims into a life of slavery. It’s a problem that is hidden in plain sight within our community.

The Child Next Door conference couldn’t have happened without the work of a small army of volunteers from 15 local organizations who lent their time, talents and, in many cases, funding for the conference. Thanks also to the generous support of the Episcopal Church Jubilee Ministry, Iowa 80 Truckstop, the Iowa Women’s Foundation, the Riverboat Development Authority, the Vera French Foundation, The Doris and Victor Day Foundation, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, St. Ambrose University, CBS4/WHBF and the Quad-City Times.

If you missed the conference and would like to learn more, contact Braking Traffik at

Human trafficking thrives in an environment of ignorance. Thank you to all who are removing the blindfold and working toward solutions. It is time to stop blaming the victims and target the perpetrators of this modern-day slavery.

Cathy O’Keeffe

Executive director,

Braking Traffik


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Prostitution is not a victimeless crime. Sometimes prostitutes gets pregnant. The only birth control that is 100% is abstenince. These are not just victims they are criminals and should be considered felons.

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