It makes sense for St. Ambrose University to develop its land, because it is their property and can be used for a stadium. Why should SAU have to purchase property somewhere else? SAU neighbors moved into the neighborhood knowing that SAU was there and expanding. I'm sure that SAU neighbors wouldn't want their garage located several blocks from their house because laws or groups object to the garage.

Neighbors should work out a solution with SAU, allowing the university to use their property for a stadium and making it a win-win solution for both parties. You never know what good can come from this. Good things can happen that we don't expect.

I'm sure that other cities would be glad to have SAU – stadium and all. Life is too short and we need to back the college completely. We don't always know what we have until we lose it.

Life is what we make it, so make a decision to work together and improve on what you have, with what you have, so that we can all be proud of what we have.

David Dorris


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Change always creates a fuss. People are hardwired to fuss so this is but a natural process. It will work out in the long run. To everyone's satisfaction? Probably not, but it will work out as it always does.

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