In 1938, prior to WWII, Hitler prohibited Jews from acquiring, possessing and carrying firearms and ammunition. What happened here a few years ago? Citizens were asked to turn in their guns, and some did. Will it get worse? If President Obama has his way, yes.

On January 16, Obama signed executive orders on gun control and then urged Congress to pass even stricter gun laws. Here’s the kicker: He surrounded himself with little children who had written letters to do something about the violence in schools. Who wants to debate with him with all the little ones around? If he is so eager to restrict guns, let him start in Chicago, the murder capital of the country. He used the Connecticut school massacre to promote a political ideology.

The executive orders are a way of getting around the Constitution and conditioning the minds of the people to accept the president saying, “Don’t worry about the supreme law of the land, and listen to me.”

And why is his administration arming itself to the teeth? Andrew Malcolm, writer for the Investor Business Daily noted on Feb. 8, “Homeland Security just placed an additional order for 21.6 million bullets… several other agencies of the federal government also began buying large quantities of bullets last year.” Why does the government need to be so heavily armed but not the people? The government is showing its tendency more and more to force its will on the people.

Don Hoover


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“Homeland Security just placed an additional order for 21.6 million bullets… several other agencies of the federal government also began buying large quantities of bullets last year.”

Yet you completely miss the RWEAL corruption here. The CORRUPTION from Congress who voted to spend our money on bullets we didn';t really need just to pay back some large donor who just happens to be a ammunition/weapons manufacturer who will profit tremendously on this deal.

It EXACTLY like Congress voting to build a bunch of new tanks that the Military doesn't want or need because it puts massive amounts of Profit in several of their donor's pockets


Gee ya mean ammo has a Shelf Life and has to be restocked every few years

Whoda thunk it?

BTW Obama didn't buy that ammo, Congress did


Is the Second amendment for individual rights or for state militias? Why do individuals need automatic or semiautomatic weapons for hunting? Where is the sport?


When I see someone who needs an assault rifle and a 30 round clip just to shoot a coyote the first thought that comes to my head is "What a pu**y ....


Six years ago these folks were telling us that he was a secret Muslim planning to make all our women wear burkas.
You'd think he would have done that in his first term.

Mr. Hoover, could the purchase of all those handgun bullets be for training purposes? And besides, I don’t believe handguns would be all that effective against assault rifles, and especially at any significant range. Mr. Hoover, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, a sect or party is an elegant incognito devised to save a man from the vexation of thinking. And, as Hitler once said, what luck for rulers, that men do not think. Could that be what’s happened in your case?!


George, you don't believe a pistol would be all that effective against an assault rifle??? I've tried to explain to you before that modern 9mm pistols holds 20 rounds, SAME rate of fire as an AR15, the one that you call an assault rifle... almost all confrontations happen at close range, very close range, where a pistol is actually easier to handle and it's much faster and easier to change magazines... once again, you are making statements on topics that you are uninformed about...


Im disabled and listen to more news than most people do. If you listen
to the likes of my way or the Hy. Republican like John Boehner, Mich
McConnell, Eric Canter, Paul Ryan, Rand WHACKO Paul or Karl Rove
After listenin to this group your own common sense should tell you why
the Republican party is in such disaray.

Devin H
Devin H

The lunatic fringe is alive and well...It reminds me of an ad I saw on Infowars today: "The real reason Obama is taking your guns away. His sinister agenda REVEALED!" (if you send us $ we'll show you!) --- A sucker is born every minute.

R A Cole
R A Cole

The hidden agenda of the gun control debate is about controlling people. The Democrats never let a crisis go to waste and have seized the recent Sandy Hook tragedy as an opportunity to begin the process of disarming the public. Since none of the proposed gun control measures would have prevented the recent tragedies, rational people should seriously question why the liberals are attacking the Second Amendment so aggressively. Tyrannical governments in the past have historically started with small steps on gun confiscation in order to hide their true objective of totally disarming the public. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.


See, RA, this is an example of you having an opinion which is NOT based in fact. You make ridiculous, untrue statements, but expect them to be accepted as true, and get angry and call people names when you are shown you are incorrect.

" The Democrats never let a crisis go to waste" Last crisis I remember was 9/11. That sure was used to make substantial changes in LOTS of parts of society. TSA, Homeland security, invasions of two countries....that was the Dems who did that? How did the Dems "use" the shootings in Aurora, Phoenix, Virginia Tech, the Sikh Temple etc to their end? Isn't it possible people are just tired of all these killings?

Could you please give us an example of how we are trying to "disarm the public" Or is that a wish on your part? You don't understand much if you think the second amendment is being "attacked". Justice Scalia does not agree with you. Read the Heller decision.

"Tyrannical governments in the past have historically started with small steps on gun confiscation in order to hide their true objective of totally disarming the public." Really? Name one. Hitler didn't. Stalin didn't. Mussolini didn't. Who did? England did, Canada did, Australia did, France did, last I checked, they are all free and democratically run. FACTS are what count, not opinion and wishful thinking.

Comment deleted.

Obama has not 'assaulted' the First Amendment: your claim is a lie. Obama has no intention of banning and confiscating guns: your claim is a lie. Pelosi has never called for an outright ban or confiscation of guns: your claim is an outright lie. Obama has not dramatically expanded the Patriot Act: your claim is a lie. I have searched your letter high and low and found not a single truth in it. It is uninformed, ignorant, paranoid ramblings. I'm unsure why the Times would bother printing it. Oh, wait. Website hits! Truth be damned.


Right off the bat with Hitler? Really? How does one go, in their mind, from background checks to mass genocide? Where are people getting these delusions? It is impossible to hold a rational discussion with someone when they think they are up against the next Hitler.

What were those executive orders? What did they acheive? They basically were suggestions and did nothing to change actual laws, so don't act like he did anything extraordinary.

And regarding the bullets, let me know if that number is any higher than last year or an average Bush year. It seems like you are using a dishonest scare tactic to me. 21.6 mil doesn't even sound like a lot. I'd venture to guess that private sales are 100 times that.


The Hitler argument....AGAIN! Never mind that it isn't true. "We have a right to believe what e want to believe, truth be damned!"

reds fan
reds fan

How in the world is Obama ignoring the Constitution.? All the gun control act is ,is to require ALL persons buying guns to register the sale by a back round check.. The law does not cause you to lose any right to own firearms. It will HELP keep the guns out of nutcases and felons. Of course these people will be able to still get guns illegally but it will help. It also bands clips of more than 10 rounds and automatic rifles. As a former gun owner and hunter [I quit because of my health] I would not feel threatened. The N.R.A. really is pulling the string on the congressmen and women that it owns--aka Chuck Grassley & others.


Haha, OMG, the "Hitler argument!" It's so funny when these ultra conservatives -- the people most like Hitler in our country -- use it. Thanks for the laugh, Don Hoover!


From background checks to Hitler. That's good.

pta mom

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

reds fan
reds fan

Where does it say in the 2nd amendment that backround checks are unconstitutional ? More N.R.A. lies...



In fact it even says WELL REGULATED right in the Amendment


Emotionally driven piece the evokes the same in opposite response. Get the numbers right. But it is an abomination to mention the President and the Constitution in the same sentence. My dog knows more about apple butter than this fraud knows about Constitutional Law. That however goes also for most of the Senators, virtually all of the house members and any number of activitist judges. They almost to a person have ignored any evaluation of law against the inalienable rights and for over 100 years the course has been set to a place that is almost the exact opposite of where the chart indicated. Super Citizens, regardless of party have just about taken this chapter on the history of North America just about to its last paragraph,


It was a good start, but faded in the turn. One of the few expressions of great standards humanity refuses to understand or appreciate and which this nation is now unfit to deserve.

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