I need to set the record straight regarding the number of executive orders signed by President Obama. In her Oct. 5 letter headlined, “Obama prepares repressive side,” Arlene Jens mentions 900-plus as the total number of orders signed. I have seen this number floating around the Internet, and it is most definitely wrong. If you look up the list of orders signed, it is 139 as of the end of September. George W. Bush had signed 160 in a comparable period of time and a total of 291 in his eight years in office. Stop believing everything you read on the Internet!

Also, the use of the word “czar” is a media term. Again, look that up, and you will see that it is media lingo, not an official title. Research also shows that Bush had more “czars” than the Obama administration to date.

Karin Hamburg


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So I count 139 things actually accomplished, about 130 more than Congress did (they were able to name 9 postal stations).


The B movie actor was a better president than the community agitator. But the real point is that Obama has signed executive orders that have had massive negative impact on the country. They are substantive and expensive. Just like everything else from Obama. We can call him the 7 trillion dollar man, that is the amount he has added to the debt. Or we could accurately point out that he costs us 1.4 billion dollars a year just for his personal care and recreation, multiples of what any president before him cost. He sure likes to party down at our expense. Do ya' suppose he will give up his 747 peacefully?


Yes Sir!

The father of fiscal irresponsibility sure was a good one!

When history is finally in on Reagan, he just may go down as the 2nd or 3rd worst president ever!

Devin H
Devin H

Klaatu: Provide the name and number of the executive orders that are going to have a massive negative impact on our country.

Devin H
Devin H

And Klaatu, use actual government sources where the order is detailed, not the emails floating around. LIke the one that says Exective Order 10990 allows a government takeover of transportation. Sounds scary right?! Well, 10990 was signed by John F. Kennedy in 1962. The order reestablished a council to oversee safety of civilian federal employees. It did not allow a government takeover of the nation’s seaports, highways and other modes of transportation. Find one that can't be debunked from the paranoid emails...

Klaatu, Over 7 T was added by Bush, not Obama. Obama was responsbile for under 4 T. www.factcheck.org


Actually the term "Czar" in this capacity was first used by the Reagan Administration as a dig at the Soviets .....

But the B Movie Actor always gets a Free Pass that the 1st Black President will never get ... at least not in his lifetime ....

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