The U.S. Supreme Court just expanded its 2010 Citizens United decision to strike down a 1912 Montana state law that prohibited unlimited corporate campaign contributions.

Besides the obvious perils of unlimited, anonymous, corporate money flooding American politics, two things really bother me. The first is that labor unions — even in their heyday — had only a fraction of the money of corporate America, and Republicans are out to eliminate them as evidenced by the 10-to-1 spending in Wisconsin’s recall election, prompted by Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to weaken and eventually kill the unions.

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Secondly, the big-government-hating tea party is deafeningly silent about the Supreme Court’s obvious trampling on Montana’s (et al) states’ rights. They seem outraged by big government only when it suits them — like trumping up bogus fears over imaginary plans to take away their guns.

I doubt if we’ll hear a peep out of Rep. Bobby Schilling because he already had received $6,000 from the Koch brothers back in January. By contrast, Cheri Bustos values the integrity of our votes. She has said she will fully support campaign finance reform. Let’s give her a chance to do that next November.