As a graduate of St. Ambrose College, an independent businessman, and a longtime Davenport resident, I feel compelled to share some thoughts.

Look at the proposed St. Ambrose Stadium project this way: We are being allowed to select our fate. Since change is inevitable, doesn’t it make sense to be able to select the changes that will occur? The St. Ambrose Stadium project will provide water, sewer, landscaping, lighting, security, modern entrance and egress, parking, and aesthetic appeal to the proposed area.

Let’s consider a possible alternative. How about allowing a business to design and build a multiple dwelling housing complex there? A short period of time goes by and the business files bankruptcy and the project goes into foreclosure. The ultramodern complex is now turned into low income housing. Is this something that is more desirable than a sports stadium maintained by St. Ambrose University?

I don’t know if the housing scenario will happen, but I do know that changes will and do occur. I simply like the fact that I am able to influence one of the changes that will occur in my lifetime.

St. Ambrose is a great asset to Davenport. They have exhibited the highest level of expertise and management in all of their facilities. Under the leadership of Mike Poster (a former St. Ambrose teammate of mine), a man of impeccable integrity and business savvy, we are assured of a first-rate facility. I am positive the proposed stadium will fall right in line with everything else they maintain.

Ed Langford


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The housing development you posit wouldn't have to fall into foreclosure to have the exact kind of negative impact that the neighborhood is afraid of: an influx of college students into the neighborhood. The anti-stadium crowd needs to realize and accept the fact that the land is going to be developed in one way or another. If they defeat the stadium proposal, they might dislike the next alternative more.

Glen Armil

I want to make sure I have this right. As an argument in favor of shoe-hornng an athletic complex into our quiet family neighborhood, you pose a hypothetical situation, and draw unknown conclusions from that situation and there for declare a stadium "better." Wow. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. Did they not teach logic at SAU? I'm looking up logic fallacies to see which one this falls under, and I can't decide. Back to the drawing board, sir.
I suppose SAU will win this in the end, just on the basis that they figure the city has never turned them down for anything, nor, will they now. But the fact that Mr. Poster and his ilk just arrogantly expected that we that call this neighborhood our home, would just drop to our knees for him has created a schism that will likely never be repaired. The man knows absolutely nothing about public relations, is arrogant beyond reasonable belief. In short - he's an accountant. SAU will likely get their way - but in his short sight, has created a level of anger and distrust in the surrounding neighborhood that he will never recover.


1882... That is when St. Ambrose called the neighborhood home. Doubt you have been in the neighborhood even half the time St. Ambrose has. Yes SAU will win because 95% of the Quad Cities want the stadium. People just like me will go out and support this project just to spite people like you and your very disgusting and pathetic comments from the past.


I know, right! I was indifferent to the issue until folks like Glen Armil started shouting at clouds. Now I'm an avid supporter of the SAU project and will probably go just to park in front of Glen Armil's house and enjoy a nice stroll to the stadium.


You pose hypothetical problems with the stadium development. Why shouldn't those who support the plan be able to do the same? Regarding your comments of Mr. Poster, I do not know the man. What I do know is that casting aspersions on a person (and then an entire profession) doesn't sound very Christian to me.


Once again, no facts, reason or logic from an anti-stadium NIMBY. Just personal attacks and "get off my lawn" ranting. You made the choice to live near a university which would want to better the lives of its primary stakeholders. There are plenty of other places to live in the Quad Cities. If you do not wish to support the progress of our community, please find a new place to live.

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