As a graduate of St. Ambrose College, an independent businessman, and a longtime Davenport resident, I feel compelled to share some thoughts.

Look at the proposed St. Ambrose Stadium project this way: We are being allowed to select our fate. Since change is inevitable, doesn’t it make sense to be able to select the changes that will occur? The St. Ambrose Stadium project will provide water, sewer, landscaping, lighting, security, modern entrance and egress, parking, and aesthetic appeal to the proposed area.

Let’s consider a possible alternative. How about allowing a business to design and build a multiple dwelling housing complex there? A short period of time goes by and the business files bankruptcy and the project goes into foreclosure. The ultramodern complex is now turned into low income housing. Is this something that is more desirable than a sports stadium maintained by St. Ambrose University?

I don’t know if the housing scenario will happen, but I do know that changes will and do occur. I simply like the fact that I am able to influence one of the changes that will occur in my lifetime.

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St. Ambrose is a great asset to Davenport. They have exhibited the highest level of expertise and management in all of their facilities. Under the leadership of Mike Poster (a former St. Ambrose teammate of mine), a man of impeccable integrity and business savvy, we are assured of a first-rate facility. I am positive the proposed stadium will fall right in line with everything else they maintain.

Ed Langford


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