Living just 5 doors down from the proposed development, I feel compelled to express my support for the St. Ambrose Sports Complex. My wife and I are raising two small children and are excited to see something like this coming to our neighborhood. Both of us were very active in sports growing up and feel that exposure has been beneficial. We can’t wait to share that experience with our children.

St. Ambrose has listened to community comments and in my opinion has done a very nice job accommodating many or our concerns. For instance:

• The stadium is placed near the interior of the property, so as to minimize light and noise impact.

• The stadium is oriented so as to minimize light and noise impact on the neighborhood.

• Lighting has been removed from the practice fields

• Parking has been moved to the interior of the property so as to minimize light and noise impact on the eastern neighborhood.

• Landscaping of north and east sides of development will minimize visual impact, maintaining the appearance of green space for neighbors.

• Parking lots will be accessible only by entrance/exit from Central Park Avenue

I think this SAU development is a much better alternative than what could have been, a busy condo complex or neighborhood with traffic coming and going year-round, and the removal of many of the trees. Also, for about six months out of a year, an athletic complex will be pretty quiet, unlike other possible development.

Tim Meredith