Imagine a world without Girl Scout camps. Protect this great program for future generations.

I’ve witnessed girls who come to camp concerned that they won’t know anyone to leave with lifelong friends, girls who don’t fit in at school, find her clique and finally have a place in life, young girls terrified to say hello only to stand in front of 100 people days later leading them in grace or song.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching girls come to the horse corral afraid to stand next to their horse only to find them hours later hugging them goodbye and kissing their noses, troops that can’t decide what to cook for lunch but manage to use teambuilding skills to successfully complete the ropes course.

My list wouldn’t be complete without sharing the girl terrified of heights conquer her fear, strap herself into a harness and zip line across the woods. Every day a girl spends at camp, away from the stress and pressure of “Girl World” is a day she finds the courage to step outside her comfort zone and realize her true potential, a day she displays the confidence in her decisions to stand up for what she believes in and is the best example of character that anyone could ever hope to have in a child.

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They walk away with leadership skills guaranteeing them to be the person that will make the world a better place. Mission statement is wrapped up in one program — CAMP!