Too often we read or hear about the “bad and ugly” and not enough about the “good.” Recently I stopped at Simoniz Car Wash at 1124 W. Kimberly Road in Davenport. As I was following the attendant’s directions to drive forward he readily motioned for me to stop. I rolled down my window and was informed my left front tire had missed the track and my hubcap had broken.

Without hesitation, the young man went to the office and seconds later the manager, Travis Johnson, appeared, assessed the damage, apologized for the mishap and instructed me to wait for him at the end of the wash. I wasn’t even out of the last rinse cycle when I could see Travis standing near the exit with clipboard, paperwork and camera in hand.

A few days later, I received a call that the hub cap had arrived, so without an appointment I drove over and was sent to the waiting area. Within minutes I was back on the road.

Not only did they remove the old hub cap and replace it with a shiny new one, but they also ran my car through the wash! Now that’s customer service! Thank you Simoniz staff.

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Pam Guzzo