The question is: Should assault weapons be banned?

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Emerald 2009

Mark Riley, you have an excellent letter. Spot on and well written. Kudos to you, Sir.


Do any of you posting here have anything to add concerning how to stop the mass murders which seem to be rampant in the US? Any explanations as to why this type of thing doesn't happen in Canada, other than the availability of guns? Are we to just accept these murders as part of what is the USA? We know that no right is absolute. We have freedom of religion, yet we can't sacrifice animals, even if our religion tells us to. Nor can we sacrifice children. We can't yell "fire" in a movie theatre, unless there is a fire. Isn't it time to at least discuss limiting access to assault weapons?


Twiggy, your on your way to pick up your child from school. You find the school cop dead at the front door, her gun by her side.

The killer is in the school with your child. Do you pick up the gun and advance on the target or will you retreat and hope help comes soon?

Better to have a gun and never need it, then need a gun and not have it. Several million dead Jews can't be wrong.

University Study Confirms Private Firearms Stop Crime 2.5 Million Times Each Year
By J. Neil Schulman

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

Give free guns to gang bangers if they take a free HOW-to-Shoot course. This like free condoms and needles will reduce deaths and promote clean kills.

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

I think we should ban holding pistols sideways when shooting them. Think of all the innocent kids that are killed standing next to gang banger targets because they hit every person but the one they are shooting at while holding the gun sideways. Making gang bangers hold and shoot the weapon correctly would increase the number of kills on their targets while saving innocent lives with precision shooting. jumping on the liberal band wagon that gun laws can make a difference


This will be entertaining if that Radical Liberal, Obama tries to either take them or get people to just turn them in....good luck with that....the flaming democrats will be in shock and awe if that happens...start knocking on doors in southern Alabama and please publish a story on how that all works out...


Yes! YES! Yes! Wayne LaPierre and the NRA is RIGHT when they blame video games, liberals and gun-free school zones for the 27 deaths in Newton last week! And the NRA is the only one that has proposed a true sound solution: The NRA “School Shield” program to put armed volunteers in every school! Awesome! It could be something like the volunteer fire departments but they would carry weapons instead of hoses! There are some many millions of American Patriots with assault rifles that we probably could have as many as 15 to 20 armed people during school hours and night activities at EVERY school in America EVERY school day of the year…..elementary, middle school and high schools! Where do we sign up? I will furnish the weapon…but I think the government should provide the ammunition! We TeaPublicans WILL make America safe for everyone!

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

8th fact - The liability insurance that local gun shops buy for each gun they sell is the same for a black powder rifle, pistol or (assault rifle). The insurance companies who are direct descendants from Ebeneser Scrooge must know something about risk.

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

7 - Reasons that those purposing a gun ban are either ignorant about guns or opportunistic in the crassest way about furthering big city (safety) over limited Government and freedom.
1. The word "assault weapon" is purposely misleading. Only special forces and Secret Service and Corporate Security teams have assault weapons.

2. Assault weapons are already banned by 1930's law dealing with the MOB. An assault weapon/rifle/sub-machine gun is defined as usually a sub-cal munition such as 9mm or .45 cal that is carried easily with light weight by one person and able to produce high volume of fire with low recoil. It is was designed for urban conflict and room clearing. The most heavily armed assault infantry in the world US. Marines have only 2 assault weapons available to them. The SAW (.223 light machine gun) and the 12 gauge shotgun which replaces auto fire with a large fan of shot. The new M4 rifle may be fully auto and small, I don't know the Corps did not have that when I was a Infantry Platoon SGT.

3. Large capacity magazines enable crazies to kill mass amounts of people is a myth not grounded in fact or experience. It takes 1.5 seconds to change a magazine in a pistol or rifle. That is a time savings of 4.5 seconds(10 shot mag)for a 30 round magazine. Assuming 120 round rampage and then suicide,that would delay the massacre by 18 seconds. Assuming that a cop drove his car thru the school door leaped out and ran down the hall to the correct class room open the door with no regard for his life and shot the killer with one shot, he still cant do that in 18 seconds. The usual procedure takes a lot longer and as we saw in the Moline car in water incident, the correct time saving and life saving decisions are not always made. Not having a 30 round magazine available would do nothing to change that and honest media knows that. This violent coward appears to have shot himself early and panicked at the first sound of a siren.

4. The gun show loop hole fallacy. This is a blatant assault on American rights to own guns and deliberate misleading reporting by media (propaganda) and liberty restrictions from leftist politicians. Strong words to be sure but look at the law and facts. Every business that sells firearms to the public must have a gun dealers license this includes pawn shops, wal-mart, k&K and any other big box store or gun shop. A private citizen does not have to have a dealers permit to sell their gun nor DO THEY HAVE ACCESS to data bases and reporting agencies that gun dealers have and are required to report. THER IS A VERY IMPORTANT REASON FOR THIS. The dishonest left and every snakeskin trial lawyer in the country would love to make individual citizens responsible to who they sold their guns too. If this happens then no one would every sell or trade a gun or knife again because the lawsuits that would be risked would be intolerable. This is why bars buy their whiskey from the state so that brewing companies cant be sued for damages that their product may cause. Dealers at gun shows do background checks, individual citizens can walk in and trade their gun with another citizen at will. It still illegal to possess a gun if you are a felon but felons are not required to wear signs around their necks declaring themselves so.

5. The second amendment has been defined by the high court and all of our founding fathers as a deterrent to tyrannical government(liberals) and not for self defense which they assumed for all logical people.

6. Therefore despite what politicians and polls say and dare I say even the majority of Americans think, it is a constitutional issue which by definition our founders left open for bloodshed and even violence and death to preserve. If Obama and Chicago(murder capital 0f US behind Mexico City) want to perpetuate their violent culture of gun free zones on us then let them use the constitutional process of State by state ratification until then proceed at your own risk. If that language makes those in power nervous, welcome to to the founding fathers and what you were not taught in public school.

7. Obama's victory was just that. A victory over a Republican touting a "let corporations take care of us message". He won no mandate for his liberal agenda. The power of the purse and law to make gun rights less of a right and more of feel good safety and knee jerk law is still in the hands of congress. The founding fathers wanted to make it difficult for liberals to knee jerk and control the American people with hype and media propaganda and misleading facts and made the American Government resistant and cumbersome for change. Thank God!

Arc Angel

connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws anywhere. Stop the unstable!


You should be ashamed to use the blood of children to advance an assault on Constitutional liberties. The left always tries such underhanded measures in its unceasing efforts to undermine freedom.

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