The athletic complex proposed by St. Ambrose is modern, professional, and attractive. It will meet the needs of future SAU students, both student athletes and non-student athletes, as well as students at Assumption High School. Those who have visited the St. Ambrose campus in the past 20 years can attest the university has built first-class physical structures (e.g., library, Rogalski Center, residence halls). These projects are good for our community, create jobs, and attract people to the Quad Cities.

All citizens are entitled to have their opinions (e.g., wanting to/not wanting to live next to a school, sports complex, business, or park). Organizations also are entitled to construct facilities on land they own, within zoning ordinances. It appears St. Ambrose has been very thoughtful and thorough in its consultation with residents of the neighborhood, consultants, and the city of Davenport in building a complex that will have a positive impact on the university and the community.

When we look around the Quad-Cities, we are fortunate to have recreational facilities such as the iWireless Center, the River’s Edge, Augustana’s PepsiCo Center and outdoor athletic complex, Modern Woodmen Park, high school athletic fields, and many beautiful parks and bike paths dotted around the community.

We are fortunate to live in a democratic society where we have the privilege of expressing our opinions, and the dialogue that has occurred is a good thing. When the decision is finalized, we should work together for the good of the community. Thank you.

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John Byrne