Thirteen years ago my husband, our two elementary aged daughters, and I moved to Davenport. We have brought up both girls with the belief that college was not optional, but a continuance of their academic requirements.

Both girls graduated from Davenport North where they were very active in soccer and volleyball. Much to our surprise, the oldest picked St. Ambrose and signed on to play soccer. She lived on campus and loved everything about Ambrose – the class size and the people she met. Although she stopped playing soccer, she devoted herself to her studies. We were surprised again when the youngest chose St. Ambrose as well.

Even though our children do not participate in any of the athletic programs at SAU, we believe the new stadium would bring high quality student athletes to the university. It is also beneficial to the students of Assumption, since they miss out on revenue created by the concession stands and are scheduled to play on a school night instead of a Friday night.

SAU has done a tremendous job of listening to what the neighbors have to say and has paid to have studies done on noise and lighting, so that the neighborhoods will have minimal disturbance. The stadium will be smaller than Brady Street and fenced with one way in and out by Assumption. Please take the time to listen to what studies the university has completed in order to make the stadium a part of the neighborhood and not a nuisance.

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Pamela Goecke