Mark Twain said, “20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones that you did do.”

As a member of our medical community, I have a different perspective why a new St. Ambrose University stadium is essential. In the Quad-Cites and the State of Iowa, we have a shortage and struggle to recruit physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and physician assistants.

SAU offers pre-med classes, nursing, physical therapy and occupation therapy degrees, and soon a physician assistant program. Many athletes gravitate toward those programs. Studies show students are more likely to stay where they receive their education so let’s give them a solid, new reason to play football, soccer, softball or run the new SAU track.

St. Ambrose needs state-of-the-art facilities to attract high-caliber students. We need them to stay in our community. If you’ve visited comparable university campuses, you will agree that St. Ambrose's sporting facilities are not competitive.

How long will this project have a positive impact on our community-- 25 years? Fifty years? More? How many students will benefit? Too many to count!

As a Quad-City community member, taxpayer, member of an aging medical community and parent of a child (class of 2023), I am asking you to consider something a very wise man once told me: “What a man does for himself will die with him. What a man does for his community will live forever.”

Dr. Ann O’Donnell


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It's really simple. This stadium will be built. The property does not have to be re-zoned and SAU has made the necessary concessions to get it done. This stadium will sit where a soccer field, softball diamond, and practice football field currently sits. This is already a sports complex. The only trees and animal habitat that will be disturbed is where the new softball diamond will go. Hardly a dent in the way things currently sit. You can walk your dog on someone else's property or better yet use the new dog park the city just opened on Marquette.


It saddens me no one talks about the animal beings who will lose their home if the bulldozers come in and destroy the habitat these animals enjoy! I've watched all kinds of birds fly around from tree to shrub!. It's a very peaceful place and my dogs luv taking walks here! These green spaces are where healthy neighborhoods find connection with each other and nature! The more Davenport promotes and nurtures sustainable healthy neighborhoods, the more attractive it becomes. Take a lesson from other progressive colleges around the nation where students are choosing to create more sustainability by promoting green space, not taking green space away! C'mon SAU administration, your campus is only as healthy and vibrant as the neighborhoods that surround you. Are you willing to support the bigger picture and in so doing create a more caring and sustainable community?


drjw, so you admit to trespassing, when you take your dogs for walks. If you haven't noticed the plans and rest of the St. Ambrose campus, you should as both have plenty of "green space". Also, the plans show that very few, if any, trees will be lost due to the construction of the complex. In fact a few more may be planted.


Wow. I still can't understand the opposition here. The arguments made against city expansion don't even begin to compare with those that are for it. As a recent graduate of The University of Iowa with ties to the St. Ambrose athletic program I can say first hand that Ambrose has taken major steps toward the containment of unruly college students. In recent years they have prohibited drinking around the Brady street location, as well as upgraded security there. No kids are taking their chances with open alcohol containers in or around domestic neighborhoods. Secondly, while this will increase attendance, no college student wants to spend anymore time than is necessary in the parking lots. As soon as the game is over, probably even before, they will make their way out of those neighborhoods. As for the comparisons to Iowa football games, that is absurd. If you have been to those games you know the surrounding areas are mainly student housing and the few blocks away that is public residence I can promise those home owners knew that their was going to be expansion. What's next? Should we start comparing Davenport neighborhood expansion to the Wrigley field expansion?


Don't studies from other places where this type of project has been done show property values will actually rise? Comparing this to Iowa City is ridiculous! We really do need things that will attract students from outside of the area. Technology has advanced quite a bit since the Brady St. stadium sound system was installed. The sound from the announcers, from my understanding, will be able to be much more targeted and contained compared to Brady Stadium. Lastly, why don't people who purchase property anywhere near a college or University expect expansion, development, change, etc?


How can you compare 70,000 seat Kinnick to this tiny stadium?


Dr. O'Donnell must NOT live in that neighborhood......Wait for the drunken college students trashing the yards of the lovely neighborhoods that will surround this monstrosity. Nor will she endure the declining property value of her home as the neighbors will. The neighbors did NOT want this in their area, yet the Mayor has shoved it down everyone's throat and got his way once again. As far as the noise level, I can hear the games being played clearly over here by Genesis West from the Brady stadium. I can only imagine the noise level when this thing is built. Not to mention the parking nightmare. Enough that the neighbors must tolerate the students hogging up space in front of people's homes all day long Mon.-Fri. These people in that neighborhood have long been established and take pride in their homes, all for what, a noisy stadium, beer cans and other trash which WILL be strewn around on the streets and the yards of these neighbors.Ever been to Iowa City during a football game and see the campus, with cases of empty beer can, and trash everywhere? Obviously she hasn't. They didn't ask for this stadium, as usual they had NO choice. Having a stadium Dr. O'Donnell doesn't make for high achieving students. It makes for lower property values, and also land that still isn't taxed!


DavenportChick, you have got to be kidding! Have you been to a St Ambrose game? My brother played football there for 4 years and their crowd was smaller than most jr. High football games. They pull most of their players from out of state and just their parents show up to support their kids. I have a house on 35th and Marquette and yet can't heat anything coming from Brady Street Stadium. I can hear when the Assumption band is practicing on their field but it's so faint it isn't distracting. The current location and design is perfect surrounded by dense woods to the north, dense woods to the east, school property to the south and west. It's so tucked back in there, it's almost like they are purposefully hiding the stadium from the public, something I wouldn't do if I were wanting something to showcase. The student section at a St Ambrose football game bring 40 to 50 students. Go to a game this fall and see for yourself. Remember you should live life making decisions based upon your hopes, not your fears.


So let's build a football stadium for the small amount of people you're saying will be there to watch? If there is little interest from students and mostly out of town parents come, why build it?


Well that's the schools decision. They feel it will benefit their program. Why are people against the facility? And legit reasons, not "we don't want something similar to hawkeye football crowds in our neighborhood" because that is just ridiculous.

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