I have been riding my own motorcycle for over 35 years. Still do. In fact, I was one of the first four women to ride their own motorcycle in the Quad-Cities, years ago. 

I have several opinions: First, no motorcycle helmet law. Helmets restrict seeing and hearing. Motorcycle accidents? If more people would actually ride their bikes instead of hanging out in bars and then riding, that would be a plus. How many bars have you seen a lot of motorcycles in front of? Do you think that they are there just to socialize? I personally would never ride with anyone I know who has been drinking.

Next: Scott County complains about not having enough money. I think that all bicycle riders should wear helmets and also register/ license their bicycles, just like we do with our vehicles. It would bring in extra revenue for the city. 

I’m sure this idea will not make the bicycle riders happy, and I’m sure I’ll hear about it. But it’s only an opinion.

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Patricia Reeves



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