There have been a lot of accusations flying around by those who don’t support this stadium, but the thing that is most upsetting to me as an alum and former employee is the implication that St. Ambrose is a bad neighbor and doesn’t care about the people who live nearby.

I spent seven years in student services at SAU as both a student employee and full-time employee. I have witnessed firsthand the efforts taken by Ambrose to be a good neighbor. For example, every night, RAs and security walk and monitor campus for safety concerns and disturbance issues. That includes checking on all our university-owned houses embedded in surrounding neighborhoods.

We work closely with Davenport police and the NETS program on issues outside campus boundaries, and hold our students accountable for their behavior, often through community service.

Bad neighbors don’t host events called “Bee the Difference Day” and “Urban Plunge” to offer helping hands at nearby homes and businesses. Bad neighbors don’t encourage adding bus stops along their property that can benefit everyone. Bad neighbors don’t keep their yard well-maintained and landscaped to add curb appeal and improve run-off.

Bad neighbors don’t form a Neighborhood Relations Council (back in 2008) to give everyone a chance to be heard. Bad neighbors don’t downsize their projects and invest in sound and lighting technology to minimize impact.

Good neighbors do – neighbors like St. Ambrose.

Heather Hartley