Many conservative Republicans claim that President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who is trying to enact Sharia Law, the strict law of the Muslim faith, into our laws in the U.S.

So let’s take a closer look at Sharia Law.

According to Sharia Law:

- A husband should be the head of the household and women should obey their husbands.

- Government should be based on the religious laws in the Bible.

- Homosexuality is illegal, and gay marriage or service in the military is banned.

- Abortion is strictly forbidden.

- Children in public schools should be indoctrinated with religious doctrines like the Ten Commandments.

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Obama supports the separation of church and state and has worked to oppose every one of these tenets of Sharia Law.

However, most conservative Republicans agree with these tenets of Sharia Law. In fact, the more you read about Sharia Law, the more it looks exactly like the platform of the Republican Party.

So, conservatives are right about one thing. There really is a threat of Islamic Sharia Law being enacted in America, but it’s not from Obama. It is the very tea partiers and birthers who hate Obama so much who are actually trying to write Sharia Law into our Constitution.

Jeff Brammann