Like many supporters of St. Ambrose University’s stadium project, I have been asked: “What if this were in your neighborhood?”

The opponents of the SAU stadium fail to recognize that the St. Vincent’s neighborhood is not just their neighborhood -- it’s also the neighborhood of Assumption High School, SAU and every Catholic in the Diocese of Davenport. This collective community has been investing in the St. Vincent’s neighborhood since 1882.

Neighborhoods are not only comprised of the homes within its borders; they also contain businesses, schools, parks and places of worship used by those living not just across the street, but across town as well. The neighborhood of the St. Vincent Center is no different -- it contains a private grade school, large church, high school and flourishing private college, all used by those who live near and not so near. Those who bought property in this area, whether it was purchased five or 50 years ago, accepted a level of risk that someday the institution that owns the nearby vacant land could and likely would develop it.

St. Ambrose and the Diocese of Davenport always planned to do something with the land -- it just took them 132 years to get around to it.

I urge those within the communities of Assumption and St. Ambrose to let the city of Davenport know that the St. Vincent’s neighborhood is our neighborhood, too, and always has been. This is our opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for generations. Don’t make the mistake of remaining silent.

Joe Riley



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"The Catholic Community" that is controlling this stadium plan is composed of such an unbelievably insular group of people. At Assumption one of the slogans in the past 2 months for the track team was "We run this town." And so do their parents and grandparents. Believe it, and the kids egos are as big as their parents and grandparents. The stadium will go through Tuesday night---there is just way too much pressure from the money men for the City of Davenport to say no. And Joe Riley I have not made the mistake of remaining silent.


I just moved out of the SAU neighborhood. We truly felt the growing pains. We lived on the corner Harrison and Lombard Streets. We were victims of SAU drunk driver that totaled my husbands car, littering, loud drunk students walking by on there way home from bars and parties. Young women wearing too short skirts then falling down drunk pouring out of their skirts. It was a lot to witness. We had a neighborhood/SAU meeting where I did tell the "Sister President" of the obscene drinking problem. She quickly dismissed me. The neighbors were shocked and dismayed with her lack of concern. The following year the young SAU girl was killed when she ran out into traffic with a double plus blood alcohol. The drinking problem got better after that.
Anyway after that unrelated complaint of the nonsense and Tom Foolery we had to live with SAU decided on this stadium project and a 4 story dorm right across the street from us. We lived in fear of what was to come. What came was a beautiful dormitory and lovely landscaping with a fence to deter students from crossing Harrison Street. The dorm and the Cornerstone really finished off that corner and actually helped contain the students. We have be pleased with the whole process. SAU has the money to do a first rate job, they high the right architects and builders. Everything they did was an improvement.
For those living near the proposed stadium, please know there will be pains with the construction but when done you will be pleased with the stadium. It will be first class.
Davenport needs another sports stadium and we will get it thanks to SAU.


Because Glen Armil knows what is going to happen--just like the rest of the neighbors opposed to the stadium #1 SAU will buy the Diocese and Nun's buildings move them into another place (because they are such good neighbors). #2 Then proceed to expand their sports and stadium. #3 Then just like the neighborhoods around the college---SAU will buy up these homes (after the property values have dropped)---just like those on Brown St. etc.--- so once again they can expand at established residential home owners expense!!
Glen Armil has to go---so SAU can join the campus with the sports complex!!! Use your common sense and give this WHOLE THING some thought---or is SAU more important than saving our neighborhoods!


SAU is going to buy and shut down central park now to join Glenn Armil and the sports complex? Kind of going off in the deep end of speculation now?

Glen Armil

The Diocese of Davenport has indeed done something with this land. They had to sell it to settle a lawsuit for pedophile Priests.


Glen Armil, do you ever have anything positive to say? I understand you are not in favor of the stadium project, but do all your comments have to be so negative? Personally, I don't understand how the stadium will effect you or your neighborhood. Afterall, the stadium will be on property that is at least 6 blocks away from the Glen Armil area. Don't let your biases keep you from supporting a growth opportunity for a great institution.


You are right they did have to sell it in order to settle a lawsuit. That was your time to prevent anything from being built there. You had the same opportunity as anyone else to buy that land. You did not, Ambrose did, now you are going to have to deal with what they decide to build there!

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