I grew up right behind East Moline Speedway. I currently live a stone’s throw from Brady Street Stadium and can hear all events. As former St. Ambrose University president Ed Rogalski said recently, “hearing the sounds is a reminder of life, energy, and vitality.” I personally love hearing those Friday and Sunday night lights. To me, it's the same as the smell of a bonfire or grill.

Over the past few years, the cities on both sides of the river have turned down some major financial opportunities because we let the complaints of a few beat the supportive voice of the mass. If you believe in it, let everyone know.

We need to not deprive high schools of needed money and not discourage students from applying at amazing local colleges because of petty complaints. We need to not deprive St. Ambrose and the surrounding area from financial gain. We need to not deprive its student body from life-bettering possibilities, as well as the jobs that will be produced due to the construction of this project. Please help and support this project and all other projects in our amazing, history-filled Quad-Cities.

Jason D. Allison

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