Last year the Iowa legislature passed a limited bill to allow cannabis for people with epilepsy. Before the vote, I called state Sen. Roby Smith to beg for his help for my son, Ryan, who has Dravet syndrome. Other moms traveled to the Capitol, spoke with Sen. Roby Smith, showed him the research, explained how it is helping people become seizure-free and one mom even showed him a video of a seizure. And yet he still voted no, when most other senators voted yes.

Iowa is known as a compassionate state, but is that really true? My son suffers because our family lives in Iowa. If we lived in Illinois, our doctors could prescribe medical cannabis oil to reduce the seizures our innocent boy suffers from.

If Roby Smith asks for your vote, please ask him this question: why did he refuse compassion for kids like my son, Ryan McDermott. Perhaps I'll change my vote for state Senate to Maria Bribriesco.

Tina McDermott

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