SAU is the reason I fell in love with the Quad-Cities. I have no other reason to call this town home except for the fact that it brought me here. My story is the story of thousands of alums who also live in the QCA.

I understand why neighbors have concerns. It is new and unknown. The best neighborhoods have a mix of old and new, filled with life and constant activity. Having a stadium that brings people to the neighborhood can be an asset. Some will even want to stay.

A housing development or condo could occupy this land. What SAU is proposing is major, but with less impact on the area than some alternatives.

The university is interested in maintaining old and new alike. It’s hard to distrust SAU when it has proven that it cares about the neighborhood. Look at how well it maintains its land and facilities.

It seems like some want to attack those who represent the school. I hope that everyone involved realizes that it is better to talk and deal with the issues than attack personalities. SAU is not a big corporation trying to build a high-rise – it is a Catholic university trying to stay relevant. Perhaps after 132 years in our town, we could give the university the benefit of the doubt. This is an honest and ethical place, not a money-hungry company.

I am confident that it will be an asset to our community and the neighborhood for generations to come. Go Bees!

Laura Ekizian