Make no mistake about it — St. Ambrose University is in growth mode. It is a growing, thriving, integral part of our central Davenport community which draws students from across the United States. St. Ambrose has done an amazing job with adding new facilities on and around the existing campus to allow for this growth to take place.

As demand continues for a top-notch college education, many student athletes are looking for a college where they can continue to play the sport they love while getting a quality education. St. Ambrose has excellent learning facilities, buildings and dorms, all of which are important to the college experience and help to draw students. However, what they offer regarding sports facilities certainly leaves something to be desired.

St. Ambrose has completed multiple studies addressing the issues of light, noise, parking and traffic that show there is minimal impact to the surrounding area.

The university has listened to the concerns and fears of their neighbors and has made multiple concessions to address those concerns. St. Ambrose has proven they are a great neighbor already and they are committed to working with the community in their next phase of growth.

This is a great opportunity for Davenport and the Q-C area. We've lost too many opportunities in the past in this city because people are not willing and wanting to grow...and remember the famous words of Lou Holtz, "If you aren't growing, you are dying".

John Timmons


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You sir are an idiot!
Home owners are also business owners and these businesses need patrons. Of the many thousands of students Ambrose pulls into our community, how many do you think eat? How about drink? Buy gas? Go to Bandit games? Buy products from our stores? Get haircuts?
Ambrose provides hundreds of jobs for faculty and staff who DO give YOU something back.
Its time you and your other whats in it for me folks to give up your meaningless fight!
This is good for OUR community!


Let it DIE. it is if no use to home owners at all.


Well said, the project has already been scaled back in an attempt to appease neighbors. Similar facilities dot the QC area, it is time to move forward.

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