At St. Ambrose we have been willing to let small inaccuracies go unchallenged when they appear in letters to the editor or in quotes made by some of our neighbors. However, we feel compelled to respond to quotes given by a neighbor and an alderman in a story in the April 22 edition of the Quad-City Times, which suggested we somehow played a trick on the neighbors or that the PID boundary lines are not what they were purported to be in earlier conversations.

In our initial draft application given to the Neighborhood Relations Council on Jan. 6, we clearly stated, “The total number of gross acres for the St. Vincent’s Center property is 42.35 acres. However, the total number of acres to be re-zoned is 24.89 and can be seen in Appendix II, sheet 1 of 8”. This appendix is a map that has a bright yellow line showing the property to be re-zoned.

We have consistently shared information about the property we intend to re-zone in all of our communications with the Neighborhood Relations Council. Since January, and with city staff input regarding the treatment of parking, the number of acres we have requested to be re-zoned has actually increased to 31.5, not decreased. What has not changed is the University’s commitment to listening, sharing information, and working through the PID procedures set forth by the City.

St. Ambrose has made significant concessions in our plans to address concerns held by some of our neighbors. Now we look forward to working through the rest of the process to get approval for a project that is important to the University's vitality, as well as the community at large.

Mike Poster

Vice President for Finance

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