The development of the St. Vincent’s property by St. Ambrose University is essential for meeting the athletic and recreational needs of a robust student body. The proposed stadium, track, and practice fields are modest and appropriate facilities for this property, and necessary for SAU to keep pace with its peer universities. SAU’s 23 highly successful varsity sports involve 750 dedicated student athletes — over 30 percent of the student body! The current facilities are outdated, and sorely need to be brought closer to today’s standards. The proposed new facilities will also be available for the recreational benefit of all SAU students. Such amenities are fundamental in attracting top notch students to SAU and the QC, and in assuring the sustenance of SAU’s $188 million annual economic impact to the QC region. If we can’t provide a college experience competitive with similar universities in the region, we risk a declining enrollment. These improvements will help to ensure the success, longevity and health of St. Ambrose University and the outstanding higher education they provide to boost our community’s appeal.

St. Ambrose intends to share use of the facilities with neighboring Assumption High School. High schools throughout the state and region enjoy outstanding athletic facilities on their campuses. It makes good economic sense that two fine institutions, in such close proximity, gain maximum benefit from these facilities.

This project is vital to SAU and will be great for the entire community.

Barbara Bush Johnson

St. Ambrose University Trustee


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This project is necessary for SAU on so many levels. Look at any university in the country, no matter the size, this is what every institution is doing. In college athletics it's called the "Arms Race" and it's not just expansion for athletic facilities; it is academic buildings as well. SAU, along with all universities, is never going to stop growing. They will continue to build and student bodies will continue to grow. There's no stopping growth as long as students continue to seek higher education. Athletic and academic facilities will always lose value with time. Good for SAU for realizing it's time for them to get up to speed with the rest of the country.

Phelony Jones

How come all the people for this don't live there? Come on, put your money where your mouth is and buy in the neighborhood! Ask the people at Ambrose if they would like it. They hem and haw and talk about hypotheticals. Thats the same as saying no. But they have no problem dumping on someone else's neighborhood. Some neighbor.


Mrs. Johnson,
I would like to extend an invitation to you, to my home, the place I retired to. Or maybe have you get into your car and drive around the neighborhoods affected
Maybe then you would understand, we have nothing against St. Ambrose building their stadium, anywhere but in this established residential neighborhood.
We have never said anything about them building their practice fields----its just the stadium that will cause all the problems.
We are not Trustees, we are not rich, we don't have money to give away (wish I did).
But as citizens we do have a voice.
You can't tell me there are not other options.

Mister Know It All
Mister Know It All

For crying out loud, It's a 2500 seat stadium which will host 5 to 10 football games a year, half of which will be played during the day. We're not talking a Kinnick Stadium being built. It will be smaller than Bettendorf High School's Stadium which is also in a residential neighborhood, frankly, with much newer and more valuable homes.

The artist rendering looks beautiful and like the rest of the University Campus, you can rest assured it will be immaculately kept.


St. Ambrose' 5-10 games---Assumptions' 5-10 games---Band practices --Track--and what ever else they deem usable for---they are not going to spend that kind of money for as you said 5-10 games. lol We've already been told it will be used on a daily basis---don't be fooled.
The artist rendering of the stadium is totally deceiving (like it was meant to be) .
And, Mr Know it all---we've already been advised by several real estate companies that our property values WILL be drastically effected!

Mister Know It All
Mister Know It All

Ambrose has 5 home games a year and Assumption 4 or 5.

Those Band practices and track meets are really disruptive, aren't they?.

Junge Park, another of your neighbors, is used every day as well. Is that a problem?

What is deceiving about the drawing?

You live in Davenport -------- the biggest factor affecting your property values. Maybe your taxes will go down.


Well said Mrs. Johnson !

My kids are at the age where we are looking at Colleges.
The competition is fierce.
There are many Colleges out there whose facilities are top notch.
We need to support SAU in their growth and development; not just for their success, but for the success of the entire community.

Phelony Jones

Wrigley, please buy a house in the neighborhood then. Show us how much you want this, live next door to it!


Tuition at Ambrose is four times that of the University of Iowa.
Teacher pay at Ambrose is one fourth that of the University of Iowa.

St. Ambrose pretty much exists for rich kids who can't get in to Iowa.

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