College is the time when students aspire to learn about this big world. As a college student, sometimes you learn things about yourself the hard way, but other times you realize the amazing things you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

College is a time for living, learning, and experiencing life and relationships with greater depth. St. Ambrose University provides occasions to do exactly that through the multiple, diverse organizations and opportunities on campus.

Recently, St. Ambrose held its second dance marathon. More than 600 students came together and raised over $132,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. Also, over 100 students went shoeless for a day to raise awareness for children's health and education.

Dozens of St. Ambrose students also spent their spring break volunteering in West Virginia, St. Louis, Detroit, and in South Dakota. Students have danced Zumba at CASI, painted light poles in Davenport, and led family events at the Figge Art Museum. The total number of service hours volunteered by St. Ambrose students, faculty, and staff this academic year was over 66,000.

We are a university of students, professors, employees, and friends who cherish the opportunity to come together with this amazing community to accomplish this truly remarkable work. As a community, we should focus on the good things that a new stadium could provide to an already outstanding university and community.

Olivia Lofgren

St. Ambrose Class of 2016


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SAU is a bully.


You mean the school which has halved the size of its stadium after listening to "feedback" from a small minority of vocal "neighbors" (i.e. the "get off my lawn" crowd)? You mean the school that has spent significant money with professional firms to prove this project has no negative impact on the community? You mean the school which intentionally is not developing the entire property to provide a buffer space between the complex and the rest of the property?

Some bullies. SAU has been a very responsible community citizen through this whole process. Unfortunately, the "get off my lawn" crowd has continued to be the bullies to satisfy their own narrow agenda. I'm sorry they don't have the same vision for the community as those who support this project, but selfish interests usually cloud judgment.


Good letter Ms Lofgren, SAU is a positive presence in the community and I think that is demonstrated by the continuing upgrade and enhancement of the physical plant as well as the positive influence on the whole Hilltop neighborhood. I'm sure the university will make every effort to perform as promised concerning the proposed stadium. I just wonder if the controversy surrounding football, particularly long term physical and mental damage to some participants, may make investing in a football stadium a dubious choice.

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