Brady Street Stadium seats 10,000. The grandstands at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds seat 6,000. Modern Woodman Park seats over 4,000. And all of this hype is over a small, 2,500 seat stadium?

I'm an Assumption graduate, I graduated from a small Midwestern college, and then lived in central Davenport for five years. As a Davenport resident, I heard games at Brady Street, concerts at the fairgrounds, and fireworks at the ballpark. When you choose to live in one of Iowa's largest cities and in the central heart, some noise, lights and traffic are all part of the package. I understand the stadium wasn't there when homeowners bought their houses, but St. Ambrose was a resident long before any current homeowners. Now, St. Ambrose wants to use their own money to build a needed facility on property they have purchased and Davenport residents think it's their right to say whether St. Ambrose can build?

The small college I graduated from had its own soccer field, softball diamond, and football stadium, as well as a new general athletic facility on campus. St. Ambrose cannot compete with other regional colleges when it comes to athletic amenities it provides. So, when St. Ambrose can no longer attract new students, who is going to suffer when the amount of taxes that St. Ambrose contributes to the city drops?

We're not talking rock concerts, professional sporting events, or fireworks and pyrotechnic displays here. We are talking about a handful of weeknights and Saturday afternoons. Let them build.

Erin Crigger