As a small business owner in Davenport, I’d like to offer a different perspective on the proposed SAU/AHS Stadium project.

Our unique niche in the information technology industry has required us to recruit 60 percent of current staff from outside the Quad-Cities.

We spend time, effort, and money convincing prospective hires that Davenport is the place for them to build their career and raise a family.

Those of us who live here understand the many benefits of this community. Those who make their home outside the area – not so much.

The proposed stadium will attract additional graduating high school students who might not otherwise look at SAU. Some of those students will elect to stay in our region after graduation. These grads will be employed by local businesses.

This project will be good for SAU/AHS, which will be good for Davenport, which will be good for the Quad-Cities, which will be good for small business.

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Economic development helps us all.

John Klein